Det är en mänsklig rättighet att bestämma över sin hälsa. Likaså att få välja behandling. Dessutom att få information om vilka alternativ som finns.

Läkemedelsindustrin har ingen rätt att bestämma över människors liv. Den industrin är, liksom all industri, ute efter att tjäna så mycket pengar som möjligt. Människors väl och ve är av underordnad betydelse för Läkemedelsindustrin.


Vitamin Movie

Vitaminfilmerna cancer
The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest
 Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly


Episode 2: Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oils
(April 13th at 9:00pm Eastern US time)


 Is Hydrogen Peroxide a Medical “Miracle”?

Is Hydrogen Peroxide a Medical “Miracle”?



Anteckningar från Cancerfilmerna


Constantly feeling sick? Waking up more tired than when you went to bed? Always in a fog?

He treated patients with all types of cancers.

Welcome to the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research…

Robert Scott Bell empowers his listeners with healing principles that can aid in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and yes even political healing!
THE FOUNDER OF HEALTH NUT NEWS Erin Elizabeth is a long time activist with a passion for the healing arts
One of the largest alternative, natural, and organic health resources available.
Dr. David Jockers is a Maximized Living doctor, functional nutritionist, corrective care chiropractor, exercise physiologist, and certified strength & conditioning specialist.
Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist, addresses a wide range of conditions from chronic or life-threatening illnesses to common health concerns.
Dr. Rath’s scientific discoveries in the area of human health have significant global implications.
She started research collaboration with Dr. Rath at the Linus Pauling Institute in California and followed him as the Head of Cardiovascular Research at that institution. She joined Dr. Rath’s research and development firm in Cellular Medicine shortly after its establishment.
His mission is to provide patients with the highest quality and standard of care available in the world today for the treatment of advanced (and non-advanced) degenerative disease.
Healing and preventing cancer with nutrition and natural non-toxic therapies.
Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, well-known pioneer in natural medicine, researcher, author and speaker, Tahoma Clinic has provided evidence-based natural treatments to thousands of patients in the Puget Sound area and across the nation.

Why You Need Daily Cleansing Tea with Dr. Darrell Wolfe – Doc of Detox

“Doc of Detox Daily Cleansing Tea is the most powerful but simple step that you will ever take on a daily basis to prevent inflammation, pain, suffering and disease. Ask yourself why our medical system never discusses, less mentions the word detoxification. If your desire is to live vibrantly healthy and not remain in treatment or drugged up then Gentle Daily Cleansing with Doc of Detox Daily Cleansing Tea is your greatest insurance policy.”
Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. is the author of her forthcoming book The CANCER REVOLUTION, a compilation of some of the newest cancer treatments available today – and a plan for prevention and healing!
Dr. Igor Smirnov was actively involved in advanced research regarding the influence of low frequency electromagnetic oscillations on life cellular structures that was conducted at St. Petersburg University, Russia. As a result of research program he developed Molecular Resonance Effect technology (MRET).
Paul observed ionized water improving the lives of patients with Diabetes, family members, as well individuals in the community.
I believe holistic medicine will be the medicine for 1the 21st century. I have written many books to provide hope for those who are ill and to provide knowledge to help us all achieve our optimal health.

Sunil Pai, MD and the Sanjevani® team of practitioners specialize in Integrative Medicine by using the best of Western, Eastern and Indigenous Medicines.  This patient-centered approach provides optimum healing, nourishing, and rebuilding of the body, mind and spirit.

 Nutrition helps to nourish the “non-specific host defense mechanisms” in the human body that allow us to prevent and sometimes reverse illness.
Salatin raises chickens, turkeys, rabbits, cattle, and pigs on his 550-acrePolyface Farms, in Swoope, Virginia. He also grows “all the normal vegetables,” sans chemicals, of course.


The Neem Tree

The Neem Tree: A Modern Day Medical Miracle?

What is Homeopathy?

What is Homeopathy? (video)

Root canal and vitamin C

levy short oi



















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